D.R.A.W. Entertainment developed 5 years ago when owner Davey Walker felt inspired to live out his passion for music by providing quality DJ services at affordable prices. D.R.A.W. Entertainment now offers entertainment services for all types of events such as weddings, graduation parties, anniversaries, birthday parties,concerts,festivals and more at affordable prices. D.R.A.W. Entertainment offers services such as music and DJ services, lighting kits, bouncy house,recordering services and so much more! Davey Walker started his DJ career when him and a friend took interest in a DJ controller he had bought years prior (but didnt know how to use at that time). From that moment Davey's interests and talents erupted and Davey has now performed in numerous venues and provided his services for countless private events as well. Along the way Davey started producing music as well and recently signed one of his songs to Andorfine media . Although the company has grown, the foundation and slogan it was built on still remains.




"D.R.A.W a crowd without draining your budget"

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